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Expository Preaching (How to Apply the Sermon to the Listeners) (03)
Paul Jang  2008-03-24 06:35:22, hit : 3,044

Expository Preaching (How to Apply the Sermon to the Listeners) (03)

And the importance of harmony between the Spirit's purpose and the purpose of the sermon. It avoids perverting the Scripture. Jay Adams said, "The thing to be avoided at all costs is to impose your own purposes on the passage. You must be extremely careful not to allow this to happen. Plainly, the history of preaching and sermon analysis shows that this is what has been done again and again. More often than not, if a sermon has a discernible purpose at all, that purpose turns out to be the preacher's purpose rather than the purpose of the Holy Spirit.

What you must work for is to make His purpose your own."(Jay Adams, Preaching with Purpose, p. 29). And it gives more power and authority to your preaching. Jay Adams also said, "It is only when a preacher knows he is saying what the Holy Spirit said, for the purpose of the Holy Spirit in saying it, that he speaks with power and with authority."(Adams, Ibid. p. 30). It makes application more pointed and more natural.

Preacher should work at applying the text to himself before seeking to apply it to others. "But you, son of man, listen to what I say to you. Do not rebel like that rebellious house; open your mouth and eat what I give you"(Ezek. 2:8).

Preacher should keep the condition and circumstances of your congregation in his mind. In fact, mankind can be divided into three divisions. The first kind is Christians and those who know they are not, the second kind is Christians and those who they think they are, and true Christians at various stages of spiritual growth and development. They have the various life-situations of individuals: the different family roles, the different living situations, the different ages, and the different occupations and job responsibilities.



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