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Expository Preaching (Step Four: Organizing the Sermon) (02)
Paul Jang  2008-03-24 06:26:05, hit : 2,369

Expository Preaching (Step Four: Organizing the Sermon) (02)

And preacher must consider the characteristics of the homiletical idea. What are the characteristics of the homiletical idea? It must be an accurate summary of what the passage teaches. It must be a complete sentence, (usually) in a declarative form. It must be a timeless truth generally state in the present tense. It should be stated in the present tense. It should be as concise as possible, consistent with clarity(general rule is no more seventeen words). It is generally useful to state it in the first or second person(I/We or You) rather than the third person(they, he, she).

It should not contain all the main divisions of the outline. For example, "Christians can be gloriously triumphant in the face of adversity, opposition, and death. But it is better that the very phrases is expressed as "in the face of adversity, in the face of opposition, and in the face of death". And there is still better that "Christian can be gloriously triumphant" may be revised to "We [or you] can be gloriously triumphant through Christ."

Preacher should consider the process of delivering the homiletical idea. Preacher should do a thorough exegetical study of the passage. Preacher should determine the subject of the passage: provides a full and accurate answer to the question, "What is this passage talking about?" He should determine, in just a word or two, the main topic he deals with. And he should narrow the topic: "what aspect of the topic does it deal with?"

Preacher should determine the complement of the sentence: answer the question, what is he saying about what he is talking about? Preacher should combine the subject and the complement to form a sentence which summarizes the main idea of the passage(exegetical idea). Preacher should restate the sentence, if necessary, to make it timeless and memorable(homletical idea).



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