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Expository Preaching (Step Two: Overview Study)
Paul Jang  2008-03-24 06:08:48, hit : 2,369

Expository Preaching (Step Two: Overview Study)

(2) Step Two: Overview Study

And then preacher should have overview study to get a bird's-eye view of the context, and to answer the question, "what does the Scripture actually say?" The operative word here is observation. What about the process?

First of all, preacher must read the Book which he intends to expound the text of the sermon from which he has drawn out of the Scripture. How can he reads the Book? First, he should read the book repeatedly untill he understands that. Second, he should read the book imagin- atively, Third, he should read the book prayerfully in order to be helped from the Spirit.

Secondly, preacher must write down answers to the several questions as follows:

1. What can he learn about the author and his situation?

(1) Who was he?
(2) What relatioship did he have with his readers?
How did he feel about them?
(3) How did he learn about their situation/problem?

2. What can he learn about the original recipients and their situation?

(1) Who were they?
What was their ethnic background?
(2) Where were they located?
(3) Are ther any indications of how they felt about the writer?
(4) What was their situation?
What problem(s) were they facing?

3. What dominant themes can he discover in the book?

Look for words, phrases, or famillies of words, which seem to occur frequently, and which man indicate the main ideas of the book.

4. what indications of the author's purpose in writing can he find?

(1) Is his purpose stated explicitly?
(2) Can he purpose be inferred from the historical situation in which he wrote?
(3) What need in his readers was he attempting to address?

5. What does he observe about the way the author develops his thought?

Thirdly, preacher should make a preliminary outline of the book. Preacher must arrange the the materials related to the sermon. All the above work should be done before any reference works are consulted.

Fourthly, preacher should read the secondary literature. The more the preacher read the secondary literature in relation to the sermon, the more he can get the materials of the sermon. Preacher should check his own observations and revise them if necessary. He should research the setting, and improve his outline.

Fifthly, and then, preacher should break the book into preaching segments. These progresses must be done in order until the second step go over to the third step.



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